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Post  Corpseprince on Tue Sep 06, 2011 3:00 am

Hello everyone, and welcome to this freshly started forum.
At first I would like everyone who wants to post on this forum read the following rules very carefully.
Keep to these rules, and we can all get along very well Smile

- When you want to post your comment, carefully watch where your subject must be placed in. (Trade offers in Guild Trade, help asking in Guild Helpdesk)

- No useless comments, except for the 'Random' forum.

- No trolling comments, no, not even in the Random forum.

- No swearing, alienating or bullying (Yes, all the usual stuff people in real life don't care about either)

- When someone asks for help, don't post a comment with wrong information. (If you're not sure, state it clearly or do quick research first.)

And that's it.
Have fun!

- CP


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